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Fray Day 7 DC is tonight!

Fray Day!Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to invite each and every last one of you to Fray Day 7 DC tonight at 8 PM at Common Grounds. We've got a number of fantastic featured performers lined up, including Talon Beeson, SarahScott Brett, William R. Coughlan, Kori Lusignan, David Seitzinger, David Thomas, and Michael Alex Wasylik, and there will be open slots for the open mic. There will also be fantastic coffee drinks made available by Common Grounds, we'll be recording the proceedings (courtesy of the good Mr. Coughlan) and there will be stickers and t-shirts available for souvenirs!

All in all, this should be a fantastic, intimate, fun way to spend a Friday night. Come on down!

PS: The swanky new headshot of yours truly is courtesy of the amazing David Seitzinger, taken special for the event. Thanks, David!


Good luck tonight! I wish I could be there!!!

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