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Flash of, well, if not brilliance, then kinda-cool.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I saw in a random weblog entry the phrase "a Bill Irwin play". This, of course, made me wonder, "What would a Geoffrey Long play be like?" I've been thinking about play ideas for weeks (thank you, Ms. Gibson), coming up with ideas, and suddenly I had a flash of what a Geoffrey Long play might be like: a live Dave McKean painting with animated bits and a melancholy story of love, loss and twinkly harbor lights.

Or not.


If you want to see what a Shannon Farney play looks like, I could e-mail you one. They're kinda weird. (shock, amazement) But fun!

I still have that copy of When Tire Swings Attack! And, yes, I'd say "weird but fun" is a fair assessment. :)

Incidentally, if you ever do decide to produce that baby, I think I might have a contender for your announcer fellow... Oh, Coughlan...?

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