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Drugs suck.

OK, so almost everyone who knows me knows that I'm lame. I'm okay with that. My mom's a pharmacist, so I grew up listening to all kinds of drug-related horror stories, and so when it came time to do all the "Just Say No" stuff in high school, that came easy. In fact, it's carried all the way through college and into my early adulthood. Sure, I drink beer and wine and other assorted alcohol, and I smoke the occasional cigar with my good man Talon, but I have yet to ever smoke weed or do any real drugs. And you know why?

This is why.

I hate feeling loopy. The dentist has me on Celebrex and Hydrocodone (a generic form of Vicodin). This has me feeling quite out of it. Note that it's not the same level of dopiness associated with, say, Benadryl, which is just awful, but it's that just-enough-out-of-focus feeling to be amazingly irritating. My ability to focus is off, and I'm just bushed. Gah. Why anyone would ever feel this way willingly is beyond me. Ugh.

Right. Anyway, the good news is that I'm healing up very nicely, I'm not in a lot of pain (although that may very well be due to the drugs, I expect), I'm actually sleeping fairly soundly instead of tossing and turning every time I roll over onto one of my cheeks, swelling is minimal and I haven't been doing any major bleeding since yesterday. I'm also nowhere near as dopey as I was afraid that I'd be; beforehand, I'd expected this Vicodin stuff to be more like LSD or peyote. Luckily, it's just irritating. (See above.)

So, yes. I'm healing. Thanks for all the sympathy and well-wishing! Y'all are the best.


I did the wisdom teeth recovery thing without any drugs for exactly the same reason (okay, and I was throwing everything up to boot)... and you know what? I felt SO much better without the pain killers that it was worth going off them... You may want to think about it. I recommend it highly.

Glad you are doing well despite the loopiness... Hugs hugs!

I might try that soon, but right now the periods between the pills are still pretty raw. Maybe by Sunday?

That sounds like a good plan... Good luck, sweetie! Just focus on *resting, and relaxing!*

I have a great picture of Ken that's similar to your scarf around the head look.

There is an ACE bandage which has pockets for the ice packs, and velcros to itself to wrap around things like knees, elbows, heads…

It's a sight to behold!

Of course Carrie puked her guts up on Vicidin. You shouldn't take narcotics on an empty stomach. Then why do they give them to you when you just had teeth surgery?

Good question.

The fact remains, taking them on a fuller stomach is like...aaahhhhhh!

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