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Drugs suck. (Oh, wait, I said that already.)

In keeping with my previous post, I just wanted to say that drugs really really suck. They make it hard to work, make you have awful fights with people you love, and make it impossible for you to leave the house because you can't bloody well drive, now can you?

I'm currently hammering on a couple of projects, which are going very, very slowly. Grrr. Remind me never to do this again.


Don't forget to swish warm salt water around in your mouth several times a day. This is SO important! Especially while you're still bleeding! God, if those sockets got infected... bleah!

In other news, I have definitely decided to buy a mac. A good one. But it's confusing- do I really need a separate firewire drive just to hook my mini dv up to the computer and digitize footage? In order to network, do I really need to buy a $150 airport? Apple wants to sell me stuff & is making this process very complicated.

Yo Shannon -- give me a call, we'll talk shop. ;)

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