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Alive and surly.

Surgery done. Teeth gone. Three of the four sockets stitched shut, and the one that had been giving my so much grief before looks like its stitches have pulled open or something. Jeez.

Ow. Ow.



Hope the healing goes quickly.

In the meantime, at least try to enjoy the drugs.

Don't want drugs, want productivity! I'm sitting here typing this only thanks to a scarf bound around my head that's keeping two ice packs pressed to my cheeks. I look like the ghost of toothaches present... *sigh*

Thanks, tho! With a little luck, I'll be able to stay coherent long enough to get some of this other work done.

Encores on the sympathy and hoping you'll feel better soon-


Thanks, Janice! Much appreciated.

Poor Geoff! *sympathy*

Sending you hugs! And I'll be sending you pictures soon... I just found out about a harvest fair on Saturday, so after I photograph bits of that, I will email them on to you!

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