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This weekend I walked among my people.

Believe it or not, this is not a callback to the "King of the Dorks" post.

This weekend was the Small Press Expo here in Bethesda. Oh my word. The amount of truly amazing works on display was incredible! I also went and blew way too much money, which I justified to myself by knowing that, in most cases, the money was going straight to the artists themselves. I bought a lot of books that I'd been meaning to pick up "sooner or later", and found a couple brand-new favorites. (I also made sure to pick up a bunch of stuff on the off-chance that I'm going to be laid up with a mouth full of gauze this week. Lord, I hate dentists.)

I'll try and get some detailed reviews up here this week! For now, I've posted some microreviews over to the Storyblog at {fray}. Check 'em out!


Pretty cool -- I just noticed that a college buddy of mine, David Lasky, is up for not one but two Ignatz awards: Best Comic (Urban Hipster #2) and Best Minicomic (Lo-Horse #1).

Don't know if I met him, actually. Next year you'll have to come with me!

And you'll be happy to know, Bill, that I finally bought my own copy of From Hell. Yay for convention specials -- Top Shelf was having a "buy two, get one free" special. Boy, did I drop the greenbacks... :)

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