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Rivendell, meet Isengard.

With great power comes great... Storage requirements.

Gandalf, my PowerBook G4/667 has a measly 30GB drive in it. Back in the day, that would have been fine – but now, what with all the massive storage needed for digital video, music and the like, a guy needs more. So, last year I bought a 120GB external LaCie d2 drive, which I named Rivendell. Which was fine, until I went out and bought Final Cut Pro. More storage!

Tonight, Rivendell is joined by a 160GB LaCie d2 drive named Isengard. The amazing thing is that storage now is getting so bloody cheap – the difference in price between a 120GB drive and a 160GB drive was thirty bucks. Storage a less than a buck a gig. Wow. Ain't technology grand?

Let's go make some movies.

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