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I owe everybody everything.

Going down through my e-mail inbox a minute ago, I was suddenly overcome by a huge wave of remorse, regret and frustration. I owe so many people real, in-depth emails. (Janice, Andy, Ken, Kori, Hill, David, Beth, Mike, Kim, Lisa, all y'all and then some, this means you.)

To make it up to you, I plan on replying to all of your emails next week, while under the influence of Vicodin. The resulting hilarity should make up for the tardiness.


What's the vicodin for? Did I miss something?

After having my daughter, then a month later having an appendectomy—percocet was my friend. Sleeping never felt so good. It was the waking up with pain that sucked!

Well, I was going to get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, but my great-aunt Marcella passed away this weekend, so I'm heading back to Ohio for a funeral instead.

This week just keeps getting better.

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