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Fray Day DC 7 Details!

Hey, guys! I'm posting details about our featured performers over at So far I've posted brief bios for Talon, Bill and Dave, and I have a handful of other featured performers to get up there too. This party's going to rock. It's going to be small and intimate, but it's going to rock.


Oh, and Derek's going to kill me for the blitzkrieg of marketing stuff appearing this week from me over there. Oh, well. If you're reading this, buddy, take it up with Isabel and Comcast. :)

"He's also one of those people who can tell a really, really boisterous story when he gets into it"? Way to set me up, man. Now I actually have to be good...

I've actually figured out what story I'm going to tell, and it isn't even one I'd thought of doing before this weekend. I've got the basic "routine" blocked out; now I just have to tweak it and work on my delivery. In the... oh... THREE DAYS I've got left. Sheesh.

The good news is that forcing myself to go back and structure some of these stories has led me to put together the basis for a decent little three-story memoir piece; stories that worked better written than related orally, and that form a decent little personal progression. We'll see what I'm able to do with it, but I'm optimistic about the possibilities.

Of course, any further work on it's going to have to wait until next week, naturally.

Wait a minute, Bill! You're going to PRACTICE?! Geez, now I'm going to have to as well.

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