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This weekend I had an amazing time with Kate in New Jersey. To karmaically make up for that joy, I came home to discover that my great-aunt Marcella passed away in her sleep on Saturday night. Instead of having my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, I will instead be driving back to Ohio for a funeral.

Bite me, karma. Bite me hard.

It's actually a blessing, really. She had been in a lot of pain, and had been in a fairly steep decline for a while. That doesn't change the fact that she was my favorite aunt on that side, or that she had been a wonderful, delightful person, but it's for the best.


Hurricane Isabel knocked out the Internet connection at the house, so updates will be intermittent at best. God bless Common Grounds. Catch you later.


Just remember to breathe. Everything will be fine... I promise!

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, Geoff. My condolences.

The only advice I can offer about your wisdom teeth is this: have somebody else drive you there & back. You'll be in no condition to do so afterward. Go ahead & be put asleep. Seriously baby those sockets and don't suck on anything through a straw. Finally: the pain goes away in a day or 2. The seriously restricted diet is the real pain in the ass. Good luck! Give me your address & I'll send you a sympathy card, along with a lot of pictures of Savannah. Spanish moss, yay!

Much love, my friend.

Sending you hugs... Have a safe trip home.

Deepest sympathies about both the aunt and the wisdom teeth.

I am SOO sorry to hear about your Aunt. We will make it all better with mead, run away horses, and swords this weekend.

Shannon is right about the teeth thing. You won't want to eat though. But you have to in order to take the codein or vicidin. It makes you sick on an empty stomach. Watch out!

I did that with my teeth. I was dry heaving for two straight days. Strained my diaphram! Had to go back to the hospital for more drugs.

Here's a hug from me to you.

Mead? Swords? Horses? Whatever it is, can I come too?

Mmm... applesauce and mashed potatoes... for two weeks... mmm... don't miss that.

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, Geoff. Take care.

Thanks, everybody! The wisdom teeth extraction got rescheduled for October 21st, so that's the new Date Of Fun. Blech.

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