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Writing down the Bones.

For those of you keeping track, today I spent a couple hours working on my novel, Bones of the Angel. I'm up to 96 pages, or 25,442 words, which is a little more than 1/3 of the way through it. (For those of you who really want to tapdance on the graves of my failed experiments, I'm also just over halfway to where I'd hoped to be by the end of November 2002. For future reference, never try to use a project you care about for NaNoWriMo.)

Today was definitely a good day, though. I've managed to pen 3,830 words, or 17 pages. I've also managed to finish Act One (titled The Angel in the Rock, at least for now) and lay down a few important expository pages at the beginning of Act Two (titled l'Histoire Secrète des Anges, again, at least for now). I've also managed to sort-of-clear a hurdle that I'd been worried about for a while now, which deals with an issue that arose while I was doing research. The book will be odd, and funny, and adventuresome; Act One ended with a scene that I think would have fit decently well in a John Woo film, assuming said film wasn't The Hulk Mission: Impossible 2. (Thanks, Bill!)

I also have a mildly decent-sized announcement to make here very soon. Stay tuned.


Um... The Hulk was Ang Lee, not John Woo...

Though given the propensity of both for stylized wirework choreography, I can easily see the mistake.

Oh, that's right. John Woo did Mission: Impossible 2. Lemme go fix that...

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