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Courtesy of the lovely Ms. Spritzer: Watsabi!

So stupid, but still so much fun. Yes, I'm one of those dorks that misses those commercials.


I swear, I love that restaurant. When you come to visit, we are going there! ... Did you take a quick Japanese lesson with Miki? Watsabi! Sushi! Sake!

Yeah, but I can't imagine doing that weird little whoop on the first syllable every time I want sushi. "Hey, guys! Let's go get some Suh-WOO-shi!"

Not that I'm into sushi. I'm really not. Something about cold, clammy food doesn't do it for me.

Oh, no! Really?! I had no idea. I'll try to not be too disappointed... Are you sure you just haven't had *great* sushi yet?

I am open to the experience of *great* sushi.

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