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Tightening up the bolts.

So I sat down this evening to post some more thoughts on my NYC trip, and wound up polishing the templates instead. Nothing major, just a reworking of the monthly archive pages, a retooling of the individual entry pages, the clarification of the permalink location on each post, the addition of a new friend to the Blogroll, a redesign for the comments and trackback screens...

OK, so maybe it was a little major. At least that justifies this horrific 4:30AM bedtime. Yeesh.

I'm still planning on posting more NYC thoughts. Look for something late tomorrow afternoon.


I like the changes you've made! ... btw, I added all the major posts from my Biosphere blog... just gotta get the Kenyon archives in some time... :) Thanks for all of your help! You are a great friend!

Thanks! My pleasure!

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