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The personal portfolio of Gabe Kean.

Nicked this off k10k – Gabe Kean, art director at the ever-fabulous Second Story and one of my favorite designers on the planet, has just launched his personal site. It's a bummer that he's leaving Second Story, but according to Zeldman, he's "leaving for love", so I suppose that's a good sign.

I wish Gabe the best of luck in whatever he winds up doing next. As should be obvious to anyone, my personal taste in design is much closer to his classic, elegant style than the new hip urbanites that are supersaturating the web with 45-degree angles, blown-out colors and 70s/80s retro-ironic-pop-nonsensibility. (Not that it isn't a perfectly valid form of design style, it's just not my cup of tea.) You can imagine how much I'm enjoying touring his portfolio – his "StoryCards" are beautiful.

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