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The New York Times on the G5.

For Those Needing 32 More Bits is a NYT article briefly describing the advantages of 64-bit processors over 32-bit processors. The case is definitely being made for upgrading. I am, however, hesitant to rush out and purchase one before Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) ships, as Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) is only a 32-bit system. Apple has apparently included a slightly modified version of Jaguar on the new G5s in order to take at least some advantage of the new processors, but it remains the case that I'm unwilling to shell out another $130 in a few months for a basic system upgrade. I wonder how many other people will be reluctant to purchase one for the same reasons.

There are other things I would really like to have in a new computer as well. A wireless mouse and keyboard, for instance, or some new monitors from Apple that might be cheaper with much, much thinner bezels around the outside, to accommodate multi-headed systems. These things are not really necessary, however. (Of course, the necessity of my buying a new machine at all is debatable, but that's a different point altogether.)

The sad part is that at the tip-top of my list of reasons for buying a new machine is, well, games. New games always drive hardware components to their absolute limits, and some of the games I want to play with my friends could really use some more video RAM. But, if I buy a new desktop machine, well, it's not as easy to lug to a LAN party. Oy. No obvious solutions to these problems.

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