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Telling tales.

I found out this morning that the story I told at Fray Cafe 3 at SXSW this year has been picked to be included on a CD. I'm keeping my fingers crossed – I know how sometimes things get cut at the last minute for space. One way or the other, I'm downright tickled.

I listened to the edit job Derek and Scott Andrew did on my story, and they did a fabulous job. They tightened it up by slicing out the obvious 'ums' and 'ahs', and lopped off a meandering coda at the end that, when I'd relistened to the live recording later, made me wince. The result is a very neat little performance that I'm proud to call mine. (I was, however, mildly astonished at the obvious influence Henry Rollins has had upon my storytelling style. Wow.)

I'm also gearing up my personal publicity engine to promote Fray Day DC. All y'all that are interested, now's the time to let me know!

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