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On L'Auberge Espagnole.

This afternoon I took a break from all the stuff I've been working on this weekend to see L'Auberge Espagnole, a really touching little film about a French economics student studying abroad in Barcelona. It was the perfect movie for me to see right now, as it totally tapped into both my own European experiences and my current 25-year-old confusions. The only thing that bugged me about the film is the way Audrey "Amelie" Toutou was used as a draw, when she was only a tertiary character in the film. She did a good job, sure, but she wasn't on screen for very long at all, and her performance was just okay. I'm planning on catching Dirty Pretty Things when I get a chance, for a serious Toutou experience. L'Auberge, though, was just a great movie, one of those nifty films you add to your DVD collection so you can foist the "What!? You've never seen..." bit on your friends later.

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