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Off to the Fringe.

So I'm heading up to New York City today, on a noon Acela train to see my friends Talon and Jess in The New York International Fringe Festival. Talon's in a play called Poseidon! An Upsidedown Musical, and Jess is in one called This is a Newspaper. I'm so proud of both of 'em. I feel a standing ovation brewing already.

I'm also excited because this means I'll get a chance to see some of the New York stuff with my friends Laura and Ben, as well as get the local tour with my friend (and roommate) Nick Ferraro. This should be, as they say, a time.

I'm leaving today and I'll be back on Sunday. Updates are likely to be intermittent at best, but I'm hoping to have some cool pictures to share when I get back.


I hope you had a mexcellent time!... I certainly did! Come back real soon, y'hear. ;-)

Best. Visit. Ever.

It was so good to see you! I only wish we could've had more time together.

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