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News flash: I am the Greek God of Housecleaning.

So the last couple of days have been a real maelstrom of activity 'round these parts. Lawn mowed! Leaves raked! Rooms swept, dusted, and tidied! Little things fixed after months' worth of "Yeah, I'll get to that sooner or later." This place is like a whole new house. I'm lovin' it. We should have guests drop by more often.

In getting-older news, it's my homeboy Hoser's birthday this weekend. Drop him a line, let him know you care.

In style news, there's a neat article this morning over on The New York Times (oh, just register already!) on Searching for a Defining Look on the Road to Ben and Jerry's, which examines what exactly "Vermont style" is, just in case Dean snags the White House. After reading the article, I'm liking the idea of President Dean more and more. There's something greatly amusing to me about the visual of a kayak with the Presidential seal.

Finally, in personal news, things are going well. I have a new client that I'm really excited about (she's an inventor, and I'm doing my first piece of honest-to-goodness product design), I have a friend in town this weekend whose company is extremely welcome (and entirely mexcellent), and the weather out here is slowly easing into September – which, 9/11 be damned, will probably always be my favorite month.

Oh, and keep those requests coming in for a spot on the Fray Day lineup! I've still got some spots to fill, and I'd love to have y'all join me on stage.


YAY for house cleaning. I am a neat freak... I like everything orderly and tidy... of course, I usually have piles of stuff that I organize and move around. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning and my shit is everywhere... I guess once we're done unpacking I will feel a bit better... After all, everything should have a place! ;) ..... Anyhow, hope you're having a great weekend! I am enjoying time with my family; tomorrow family reunion time! YAY! (and how’s that for starting a post with YAY!... well, almost!)

Um... YAY for Howard Dean for president!

Sorry, I can't quite muster up the same level of enthusiasm. I have officially endorsed Dean on my own weblog, but I think the days are long past when I'll be able to generate the near-religious fervor that some of these youngsters seem to be coming out with.

I suppose that's the sort of thing that's necessary to win elections, but I've become just too darned cynical in my old age.

Optimistic, but cynical. Go figure that one out.

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