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Nastiest. Thing. Ever.

Boy, if this won't make you swear off fast food forever... Kid orders a 20x20 at In-and-Out Burger – in other words, twenty patties and twenty pieces of cheese.

Boy, crap like this is exactly what Friday afternoons were invented for.


That is just *wrong*.

Though it reminds me of a "death feed" event we used to do at W&M. We'd hit every fast food place in town, ordering a signature item from each (a Single at Wendy's, a Whopper at Burger King, etc.), and the last one eating wins. It would usually end with a hot dog eat-off.

Then there was the "death walk," which was the same thing but with alcoholic beverages, but my memories of that are a little hazier...

Good Christ. Y'know, it's a miracle you ever made it to 30, much less without looking like Boss Hogg.

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