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I hear Canada is nice in 2005.

The scenario you are considering comes about only if George W. Bush wins re-election. One could argue that the loss of Colin Powell removes from this administration just about any hint of legitimacy in foreign affairs, and will weaken that re-election bid. In any case, let's stay optimistic that in 2005 we'll be visiting Canada -- but because our 44th president will be in office, we'll also be returning.

Actually, Mike, you're right -- I hadn't thought this through completely. Since many of us held the quiet hope that as long as Powell was around this administration wouldn't go off the deep end, his loss might galvanize the resistance. I hope either the Democrats or the Libertarians get it together quick, though -- so far many of us are simply taking a Republican win as a given.

Careful, now. You're talking to a member of the Philly4Dean steering committee. I'm liable to start pontificating. Seriously, I'm in a good mood lately -- things couldn't be going better. I just wish we could move the election up a year and get us a real president.

Hey, man, that's what our Voice section is for. You want to pontificate in our Autumn issue, pitch me an essay!

I could almost (almost) live with Condee Rice taking over state, but PAUL WOLFOWITZ? The neofascist who orchestrated the entire Iraq invasion scheme and authored the "preemptive strike" policy?

What are the words to "Oh, Canada" again? I'd better start learning 'em now...

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