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Announcing my Writing Journal.

Hey, all. One of my personal initiatives these days is getting my writing back up and running. I've been posting every so often about the progress I've been making on my novel, but I've really been looking for a way to easily post new work over to my personal site.

Today I'm rolling out the first draft of my Writing Journal, a Movable Type-driven weblog of sorts over at I'm going to try and post a new piece of work there every Monday, to solicit your feedback. If this works, I might post more often, and if it doesn't, it will probably wither and fade. But, hey, that's the nature of experimenting in public.

The first story, which I posted this afternoon, is called Auld Lang Syne, and is a short story about two old, old friends who meet up to quietly celebrate New Year's Eve. It's a little mood piece, nothing blowing up, just a small character piece. I hope you enjoy it. And, hey, if you don't, I might post something where stuff blows up next week, so stick around.


Hey, Geoff- guess what???

I got in! Yeah! Savannah, baybee!

...waitaminnit... you mean I have to move in 2 weeks??!

Attagirl! Congratulations!

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