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Two years!?

I might have posted about this, I don't remember... Even if so, the Motorola Offspring Wearables concept is about the closest thing I've seen yet to what I've got in mind, especially the "wristable". Wicked cool. Only drawback: it's not supposed to arrive for another two years. Rats.


Yeah, you did. But they're still just as cool. And frankly, I think the two-year delay may work to their advantage. Today, I don't think fashion sensibilities are quite ready for these, but over the course of the next couple of years, as personal digital devices become more prevalent, I think they'll start to be more acceptable.

So, you wanna be a Gargoyle then, huh? This all looks very cool, but I really think they should've picked a different model to display those shades.

The goggles... Enh. I don't really care about the goggles. But the wristable, the wristable!

Actually, I've got other things higher up on the to-do list. Like a better to-do list. I'm absolutely infuriated by the lack of a really great personal project management system -- neither iCal or Entourage or any of their competitors offer the full range of services that I'm looking for. Having that connectivity on my wrist will be excellent, but I'll be happy settle for PDA access until then -- I've got to get the basic components nailed down first.

Sigh. Too many projects -- and just managing the projects is a massive project!

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