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Starting to build the studio.

So on a trip to Guitar Center this afternoon, I finally found what I was looking for: a beginner's guide to building a digital audio studio. Desktop Digital Studio by Paul White is a smart, easy-to-read guide to building a musicmaking studio in your bedroom. It goes into what all the different programs do (like Logic, Cubase, etc.) and what role they each play in the production process, explains what terms like MIDI and VST actually mean, and even has diagrams to show what kind of stuff you're going to need. It's a little out-of-date – it was written in 2000, and technology is going to outstrip any book like this in a matter of months – but I think it's going to be insanely useful nevertheless. I'm really looking forward to this.


Ooh, ooh, ooh! I want to make fabulous digital music! Do you need any hack talent?

Personally, all my talent is hack talent. ;)

I'll let you know if I need some she-vocals or ivory-tickling!

This will come in *extremely* handy come 24-hour-film time next spring.

Or this fall, if we do that test run.

I think Soundtrack has enormous potential for general background music, but nothing compares with original scoring.

She-vocals. Cool. :)

And yes, Bill, I was thinking the same thing with regard to the 24-hour film project. Woo hoo!

Bring it on, Coughlan. Let's do it!

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