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On Warcrack and the G5.

This week I laid down another small fistful of dollars at the local CompUSA and walked out with Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the expansion pack to Blizzard Entertainment's legalized digital addictive substance. First thing to note: it's been a while since I played the original Warcraft III, and I was no block-rockin' Sun Tzu then, either. Any skizzills I might have had are now rustier than Genghis Khan's cast-iron swimming trunks. Second thing to note: man, if I hadn't been coveting one of those new G5s before, I certainly am now. Playing super-graphics-intensive video games on a two-year-old PowerBook is painful.

Every two years I get the New Computer Itch, which is about how long it takes for the state of the industry to double itself on me. My last desktop was a dual-200MHz 604e DayStar Millennium (which I named Eliot), followed by a PowerBook G3/400 (dubbed Kerouac), which was then replaced with a PowerBook G4/667 (christened Gandalf). My eye is now on a dual-2GHz G5, and yes, I'm considering buying a tower instead of another laptop, even though I swore I would never do that again. Why? I'll show you why:

monitor bliss

That's why. Sure, I won't be able to afford buying three monitors at once, especially not on my freelancer income in this economy. But even if I just get my hands on the center 20" monitor, it'll be a lot more screen real estate than this 14" PowerBook monitor. Then, as I add the other two on later, I can utilize them in this app I'm planning to build. It will be a thing of beauty if I can get it to work, a real, honest-to-God command center for the creative/small-business-owner/world-conquerer type.

So I've got the itch and I've got the blueprints. Now all I need (aside from the massive bling bling necessary to finance this) is a name. Got any ideas?


Update: I thought I'd post this as a footnote, after multiple months of thought and contemplation... The project's name is Magellan, after the first man to sail around the world. I picked Magellan because of the idea of navigation inherent therein, the concept of charting an unexplored course and taking on the world.

So, yes. The machine (and the software) is named Magellan.

Update update: More information on Ferdinand de Magellan can be found over at for the interested.

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