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On Finding Nemo.

Quick entry, as I am trying to get out the door. I went to go see Finding Nemo with my friend K.C. this weekend. Spectacular movie. I'm torn on whether this or A Bug's Life is their best work. Its more mature storyline and amazing visuals really made this movie for me. A must-see, four stars, get thee now to the cineplex.


I couldn't agree with you more. Nemo is a near perfect movie! Now, don't forget to tell the kids what you thought of Charlie's Angels...

I *liked* "Finding Nemo"--but wasn't THAT impressed. I *MUCH* prefer "Monster's Inc." At least with that movie I laughed and laughed and wanted to see it again.

Oh, I loved NEMO. I liked it even better than MONSTER'S INC. -- it was *that* good. I *liked* Monsters, but it didn't have the depth (no pun intended) of NEMO.

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