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If any of you have been trying to get hold of me for any reason and I've been less than snappy on the responsiveness, it's because I'm on the road. I'm writing this from the swingin' bachelor pad of my old friend Talon in Chicago, where I've been for the last couple of days. I've been hanging out with Talon and Sara, his girlfriend and another old friend of mine. We got to see (sort of) Norah Jones play at Ravinia Festival, this big, sprawling venue that's not really designed for lawn seats. Wonderful sound set, but we couldn't see the stage. Not because it was a long way off, so she was ant-sized, but because there was no line of sight between where we were sitting and where she was playing. Didn't really matter, though -- it was an amazing concert. Great music, beautifully played. That was Tuesday. Wednesday we bummed around, missed the museums' open hours by just a hair, and then went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean, which was probably the best movie I've seen this summer, just barely edging out Finding Nemo. Today Sara and I watched Mr. Deeds and played a rollicking game of chess, and we're about to go meander about in the city.

It's been a great couple of days. I'm going to be working my butt off as soon as I get back, but I hadn't even realized how badly I needed this. :)


Wow. I'm typing this at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue, and the word "flagship" doesn't even begin to describe this place. This whole building is amazing. Flat-out gorgeous, in the brushed-metal and white style, with the kind of sleek lines that makes guys like me dream of being Jonathan Ive. You guys have got to come see this.

And yes, I did grab a mirror shot in the bathroom. ;)

I miss Ravinia. It's about 30 minutes from my hometown, and for my money it can't be beat. Now that I'm a Virginian I have taken to Wolftrap, but even still, Ravinia will always be my favorite place for outdoor concerts.

Have fun in Chicago. :)

Hey Geoffrey, My email has been VERY spotty for the past week... I haven't gotten anything since yesterday (rather rare)... What's going on? Thanks! Cheers, Carrie

Big, huge, tree-felling storms in the neighborhood around the server. Everything should be back up and running normally, but I'll double-check on it. :)

Awesome, thanks!!! All is well now.


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