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Keyboards, no drums.

I'm slowly getting the hang of Reason, the synth/mix/electronic-music application from Propellerhead Software. This is a very, very nice piece of work, light years beyond the basic synths I played with occasionally back in high school. I've coupled this with an Edirol PCR-30 MIDI keyboard controller, which is essentially a dinky little half-keyboard slapped onto a MIDI in/out box. The good news from yesterday's late-night geekout session is that I've managed to get the PCR-30 to talk to Reason (finally!), but the first piece of bad news is that when I get the PCR-30 online, for some reason Reason's drum kit poops out. The second piece of bad news is that I can't get my old Casio CT-700 to show up in Mac OS X's MIDI Setup app. This is okay, I suppose, since that keyboard's over a decade old and a Google search for "Casio CT-700" turns up very, very little useful information, but still... Dang. This was the first time I'd gotten the chance to hook the CT-700 up to a computer (the PCR-30 doesn't require a SCSI or PCI MIDI card, only a USB connection), and I was hoping for something better. Maybe with a little more tinkering.


Did you have any luck, eventually, hooking up the CT-700 and having OS X recognize it?

I am in the process of looking or a keyboard.

Thanks -


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