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{fray} in The New York Times.

Hey, check it out – Derek made the New York Times!

Many Web sites are dedicated to collecting true stories, from the trivial (your first rock concert) to the inspiring (veterans' wartime recollections). Storyblog ( is a group Weblog that links to sites about true stories. "We look for any site that is about individuals using their voice to tell their stories," said Derek M. Powazek, the founder of Fray, the host site for Storyblog. "Some are about one person telling his or her own true story and others are community projects that put out a call" for submissions.

Check out the full story, "True Stories and Magic Mail". It's pretty good. And, in a lucky moment, if you followed the link posted for Derek's storyblog on the day the story went live, Inkblots was the number one story!

Yes, it's geeky to be totally thrilled about being two clicks away from The New York Times, but that's the kind of thing that gets editor geeks like me through the day. Thanks, Derek, and good on ya!

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