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Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that whenever I get buried in work, I post the phrase "bang bang hammer hammer". So far today I have whupped the Web Photo Gallery option in Photoshop 7 into submission, in order to generate the files I want for a client project. This was highly useful, as I also expect to use a similar option to generate the hundreds of pages necessary for this Friday's Portfolio and Features sections. (Guilty admission: I usually leave the creation of those pages until last, because they take a long time and are sort of mind-numbing. Hence the macros.)

Anyway, I've barely scratched a single item off my to-do list today. Hence the title of this post: I haven't even begun the hammer hammer, I'm still busy with the bang bang. And it's almost 1:30 already. Gah!

What I need are some good quality henchmen.

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