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And for my next trick...

So I have yet another project on the back burner that I'd really love to do, which might both teach me a lot and help me get into some of the higher education programs that have been looking so sweet lately. The challenge: it's going to take time. And money. And dedication. To pull this one off, I'm going to have to learn a lot about programming, and learn it fairly quickly. However, I have a project, which has always been the difference between doing something and staring wistfully at a mountain of books.

Wow. Flash, ActionScript, XML, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, OPML, AppleScript, possibly even Python, C and/or Cocoa... So much to learn. I feel overwhelmed. The more I contemplate this project, the more I realize that it's on a grandiose scheme on par with my novels or Inkblots. Maybe I should finish up a good half-dozen other projects before even thinking about starting this one.

Oh, what the hell. Isn't this what learning was meant to be all about anyway?

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