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Small updates.

One, regarding Geoff, Nick and Nick's Amazing Backyard Adventure... I overdug the trench for the path by about four inches. One, that's a lot of digging, and two, it's a lot of gravel necessary to fill it back up to where the bricks need to be. On the upside, I feel really buff. We're pouring gravel and laying brick this afternoon -- I'll let you know how it goes.

Two, there is a small list of people in my life I miss very, very much right now. If you read this and you think that you might be on that list, you probably are.

Three, I got to see The Italian Job on Friday and now I really want a Mini. Hells, yes. Also, Seth Green rocked as always (although the Napster joke was a long, lame affair), Mark Wahlberg has immense arms, and Mos Def (who played Left Ear) and Danny John-Jules (who played The Cat on Red Dwarf) are, I am convinced, long-lost twins.

Four, I'm assembling the Summer 2003 edition of Inkblots and am looking for contributions. If you've ever wanted to write for us, now is the time. Send me your ideas!


I miss you too Geoff! snif, snif ;-)

I feel a party at the Geekhaus coming on.

I miss you a lot, Geoff. *sigh*

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