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Shaken, not stirred.

So we're sitting here, watching Goldfinger on TNN, and I had a wonderful thought. Wouldn't Penelope Cruz make a fantastic Bond girl?

Hmm. Now there's a genre I haven't tried writing yet. That could be a lot of fun – style, technology, exotic locales, car chases... Hmm.


So would you be looking to write in the style of the Bond features, or the style of Ian Fleming? They're radically different.

Y'know, you just shouldn't read Douglas Coupland's Life After God when you're feeling low. It's just a bad idea.

I'm actually more interested in these modern remakes of the classic spy/heist/adventure movies, like Ocean's 11, The Italian Job, The Truth About Charlie, and so on. Some have been decent, others have been just so-so. I'm curious to see if it's possible to write something better than those, but in the same vein. I don't know when I'll actually get to this project, but it'd be interesting.

Shannon, agreed -- Life After God is a great book, but definitely not a funk book. If you need to identify with some kind of depressed folks but still need a laugh, try most anything by Nick Hornby. Or, if you want to feel better, try Terry Pratchett. He's always a good cure for what ails you.

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