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I guess literary events are good for my imagination. Last night, after we got back from the Potterfest, my brain clicked a little more. I woke up this morning and wrote another 2500 words for my novel (nine pages). That brings my total up to 21,670 words so far, or around 81 pages. That's a 13% jump in 24 hours. Excellent. Further, the tension in the plot just got kicked up another notch. I'm nearing the climax of Part I!

Bonus info: my story received another shot in the arm this week when I was reading up on the good Mr. Howard Rheingold, but I'm not sure I'll get into that until the very end of Part I. I'm suddenly realizing the impact of my time spent with the web crowd – writing what I know suddenly allows me to create some very nifty Q-level elements. Stay tuned.

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