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Another one of those moronic little "should have been obvious" moments came up and smacked me in the back of the head this afternoon. If I were to write comics, TV shows, novels, movies, whatever, I don't have to be better than those whom I count among my influences in order to play. I just have to be better than the worst stuff out there. The secret to removing creator's block is to stop trying so damn hard to be perfect and simply not really, really suck.

I'm arrogant enough to believe I don't really, really suck. Really suck, maybe. But not really, really suck. One really, not two. Makes all the difference.


Amen! When I was writing, DfC, I basically had to stop thinking about books as anything special. If books weren't special, then even an idiot like me could write one. Seems like a weird thing to tell yourself, but it worked.

I would so love to write a comic. Too bad I draw like a 3rd grader.

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