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Welcome to The Kingdom.

The KingdomSo Derek's posting of songs has me thinking about other things that I could share. Since I'm not to that stage yet with my own music, I've decided to post an excerpt from my other novel project, The Kingdom, over at

In a nutshell, The Kingdom is the story of two brothers on the West Coast. The younger brother, in L.A., has fallen in with a group of guerrilla artists that take the "guerrilla" part a little too seriously, and are about to run into trouble. The older brother, in Seattle, is trying to get over his ex-girlfriend, who left him for another woman. It's a little weird, a little Lynchian, and its chapters are probably way too short, but what the hey. Another thing to note: Pi St. John is a very nebulous character and is still taking shape in both novels, so bear with me.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

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