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The interminable issue of balance.

It's amazing. Most people out there who have worked at some consulting or research firm (like The Advisory Board) will know what a spider graph is: it's a method of plotting multiple data points on the tines of some multi-spoked object like a star, asterisk or bicycle wheel. The center is 0, the ends of the spokes are 10, and then you connect the plotted points with lines to come up with a graph that looks a little like a spiderweb. Basically this allows you to see which areas you're doing well in and which need help. If all the data points clock in at around the same distance from the center, you've achieved balance.

My personal spider graph is always, always skewed, but never the same way twice. This is because I'm still learning the art of balance – of dividing my time and attention between art, business/finances, love, health, and friendships. This week one spike peaked while another bottomed out. Next week I'm going to have to bend over backwards to fix that.

Another el quicko movie review: Down With Love was fairly fantastic. There were a couple startlingly risque sequences, a couple head-scratchers, a couple tired old groaners, and a large number of flat-out hysterical moments. You should go, really.

Tomorrow morning I'll be in Boston, attending Jesica's graduation at Boston University, assuming all goes according to plan. Possible issues that might preclude the success of this mission include time, weather, directions... You know, the usual. The drive's about eight hours. I need to be there around 10. You can see the posting time of this entry. Oy vey.

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