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The ghost of Ben Kweller.

All right, so this is one of those funky moments. This morning, I bought Sha Sha by Ben Kweller. It's really good, but that's not the funky part. That came later, when Nick filled me in on a nifty piece of data.

I'm living in Ben Kweller's house.

This house, now owned by the good Mr. Bastin, used to be owned by the Kwellers. As in Ben's parents. As in the house where Ben Kweller grew up.

Whoa. Cool.


Ben would shit if he knew that the Christmas tree in his old house was still up.

What a HOOT! Love random tidbits like that.

Take it up with the landlord. I've been trying to get him to take it down for months.

Ben Kweller. He's a musician with a sound sort of like Ben Folds.

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