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Support your boutique T-shirt designer.

So I've been tooling through the shops lately, looking for cool things to wear this summer. For the most part, I've been disappointed -- much of it's the same old, same old, and a lot of it smacks of corporate droning. While I don't mind wearing branded clothing if it's subtle, nine times out of ten the branded stuff is blatant and boring. If I'm going to wear T-shirts in the summer, they're either going to be solid colors or they've got to have some style.

Enter the online boutiques. I just received the two shirts I ordered from Tank Theory, a nifty little designer store whose fusion of urban style with curlicues and subtle touches I really, really enjoy. They're made of nice fabric, not that cheap stuff the Gap uses, and the designs are pretty intelligent. My recommendations: the Total Information Awareness shirt and the Reconstructivism shirt. Way cool, and I probably won't run into a dozen other guys wearing the same shirt the same time I'm wandering through Georgetown.

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