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No, really -- Danger! Danger!

So I just got my account on the iTunes Music Store working (you know, you'd think Apple would put a little "insert no spaces" note by the "enter your credit card number" space, but whatever). Damn. This sucker's going to be dangerous. Especially considering the recent reports of digital kiosks for purchasing and downloading straight to your iPod. The beauty of doing cross-country trips with stops at Apple Stores for iPod refills is a real mindwhirler.

Couple things I'd like to see: the week's Billboard top 40, since there are songs I've heard on the radio but I don't know the names, and better downloadable album art. How cool would it be to get readable liner notes? I don't give a rat's ass about printing 'em out, but I'd like to at least read 'em.

When the indies get on board, this service is going to be the bee's knees. That's right, the bee's frickin' knees, baby.


Dude, go to their website:

Hmm, good call. But it'd be cool to have the list in iTunes, so I could just go down the list and bang bang boom, have some good jogging music without commercials and inane DJ banter.

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