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Music within Reason.

ReasonSlowly, bit by bit, Nick and I have been building up a small music studio here at the house. All right, he's been doing most of the buying and I've just been playing with the new toys, but still: our house now contains a kickass trombone, a digital baby grand, a very impressive microphone, my tenor saxophone and his old euphonium. My favorite new toy, though, is a copy of Reason from Propellerhead Software. Reason is real pro-level digital musicmaking software. I futzed around with for fifteen minutes and already had a workable drum beat, and the program has tons of high-quality music samples. I have yet to wire it up to a real MIDI keyboard – that comes next – but from what I've seen already this is going to be fun. Shave my head and call me Moby.


Oh, good, then you can do original music for my short films!

Actually, I need to create tunes for my own stuff first, so I can write this stuff off as a business expense. :)

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