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Homina homina homina.

All right, this is probably one of the lamest things I've ever posted to this journal, but what the hey. Allison Mack, who plays Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, is sporting a new hairdo in this week's episode. Mrowr.


I'm glad to see she has a new hairdo. But, sorry to say, it's not on the cutting edge—no pun intended. She is a bit behind the times, or her stylist is.

How did you like X2? I heard you never made it to your seat. What's that about?

One of the members in our party stood us up. She was late, but didn't have her cell phone with her, and instead of using alternate methods of communication (i.e., a pay phone) she just left. She didn't bother to call me until she got home and the movie was 7/8ths done, so by that time I didn't bother going to my seat. I basically spent the entire movie standing at the back, checking the front doors at 10/15-minute intervals and waiting for her to call, since I had her ticket.

The 3/5ths of the movie that I figure I actually saw were pretty good.

Oh, my god. X2 was SO cool... never in my life did I think I was going to be one of those fans who see a movie a whole bunch of times in the theatre, but I saw it twice this weekend, and I'm going back for more. So cool. And hey, I'll admit it- I ache with lust for Wolverine. Yep. I've always had a big thing for the character, but Hugh Jackman has pushed it over the top. And the funny thing is- I've seen him in other movies, and I don't give a damn. I just want Wolverine. Pretty strange, huh? Oh, well. If there's anyone normal out there, give me a call- I'll want a picture as evidence.

Of course, Nightcrawler was somehow strangely appealing as well... *grin*

All right, two can play this game. Anna Paquin... Mmmm-mmmm.

It's good to know that girls have taken over your blog and started talking about something completely different—taking you right out of the equation.

How's it feel? :-)

Like almost every relationship I've ever had... ;)

Well at least you're honest. Good thing is, you are in the majority among men.

Keep thinking Anna Paquin…Anna Paquin…

maybe she will magically appear in your apartment?

Riiight. I have an easier time believing that Nightcrawler could BAMF his way into the living room than Anna Paquin would ever walk through that front door.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!!

And gee, I sure wish he would... *grin*

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