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Writing style by Gaiman and Carroll, hair by Fiennes.

So I got into this long conversation tonight with my friend Laurie (yes, the same Laurie I mentioned earlier). Somehow we got onto the topic of hairstyles, and I mentioned that my long-running preference for kinda-long hair was founded a loooong time ago. And, believe it or not, I think I can actually pin a date on it.

In 1994, Ralph Fiennes was just damn cool.

Since then I've done all kinds of crazy stuff with my hair -- ponytail, buzzcut -- but this is the style I keep coming back to. Unless I'm feeling really lazy. On those days I'm just Beatleesque.

There have to be more important things to write weblog entries about than this.


I thought Ralph Fiennes was cool because he pronounces his name in a way that is completely inconsistent with it's spelling.

All this time it's been his hair.

Well, yes, there was that too. I remember the first time I read in an interview that it was "RAFE Fines", not "Ralph Fie-enz". I was half impressed and half convinced he was putting us on. It wasn't until I found out about what his parents were like that I decided that yes, he was serious, and no, it really wasn't his fault. Although it does explain some things. For all that Shakespeare might question the weight of a name, I think it's true -- guys with names like Geoff or Talon are slightly more likely to be offbeat than a Jim or a Harry. (Although certain exceptions will always apply.)

I've given up trying to get his name right. For the longest time, every time I heard it pronounced on TV or radio, I thought "Ralph has a brother?" *sheesh*

Well, he does, actually. I'm not sure what Joseph's been up to lately, though -- there was Shakespeare in Love, and then a couple crap romantic comedies, and then nothing. I'll bet he's doing plays somewhere out-of-the-way for a while, taking a cue from Ralph (who I believe is doing a play with the RSC at the moment).

I am a big fan of guys with long hair… Case study: my boyfriend has hair that’s twice as long as mine… I think long hair on you sounds fun—I’ve only seen pictures! Grow it, grow it… ;)

Actually, right now it's just about as long as it is in that photograph. I doubt I'll ever grow it out into a ponytail again, though. Well, maybe if I get into grad school or decide to take a year off to write or something.

Cute picture! I like it... btw, check your email. I wrote you.

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