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No April Fool's.

So, what with the war and the crappy economy and everything else, I really wasn't feeling up to doing anything festive for April Fool's. That's not to say that some people aren't up to their usual tricks.

What I have been doing is a lot of cleaning and a lot of bookkeeping. I'm still occasionally barking out loud curses at QuickBooks -- like when attempting to import my logo into their templates for invoices and the like crashed the app -- and am still heavily considering their money-back policy. We'll see. I like its basic premise, but I am utterly unconvinced as to their implementation.

I also have friends here -- the lovely Laura Thomas and her boyfriend Benjamin are staying with us for a couple of days. Lots of anime watching. Miyazaki is a genius. Also lots of trying to stay warm. Snow in almost-April is evil. Maybe that's the big April Fool's joke this year. Or maybe it's Saddam and Osama bin Laden on their supersecret moon base wielding those pesky weather weapons again. Cursed terrorists!


Snow in April? Do you remember your Ohio days at all?

I was born at the end of April, and there was still snow on the ground. No big deal.

Besides, the almanac predicted snow at the end of March this year.

Cursed almanac!

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