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If only.

So Apple's probably going to release the G5s this summer. Well, I sure as heck hope they do – we Mac guys are starting to get seriously smoked in the bandwidth race. (And you can yabber on all you want to about how a 1GHz Mac is faster than a 3GHz Dell because of this, that and the other thing. Whatever. I want to be able to smile and taunt 'em GHz for GHz.)

Anyway, so I'm also hoping they come out with a new form factor for the G5s. Even something like this fantasy mockup would be cool, but I want to see something completely out of left field. Yes, the G4 cases are cool, but come on – we've had those same basic cases since the blue-and-white G3s, and that was what, five years ago? Sure, it's gotten a little slicker since then, but can we see some real industrial design breakthroughs again, please?

Comments - Whispers From Around The Mac Community: "What we are hearing suggests that the new machine will be hugely different from the tower design we've been enjoying since 1999. This is not going to be merely another a gentle design refresh. We have heard the word "radical" used a dozen times over the past two days."

I am now officially aflutter.

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