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So I finished my taxes on time, sent 'em off, and then yesterday I decided to work on Me Stuff – something I hadn't done in weeks. I had all that inspiration built up from earlier in the week, you know, so I had to do something. So I did.

I didn't finish the Spring Inkblots, as I'd hoped. See, on Tuesday night I went to see I.M. Pei lecture at the National Building Museum. It was fantastic – another inspiring element – but while I was there, I bumped into a girl that I'd studied with at The University of Exeter way back in 1998-1999. It was great seeing her again, and when we parted I told her to swing by my web site and drop me an email. Which one? I suddenly thought to myself, and found I was reluctant to confess that I have three or four different URLs I could give her. So I gave her my personal site, And then I remembered that said site was not only abysmally out of date, but also pretty embarassing.

So yesterday I hammered on And this morning, I finished it. (Kind of. I have a ton of portfolio pieces that still have to be added.) And then, this afternoon, the new went live.

What do you think?


Wow! I am SO impressed! Your site looks FANTASTIC! Bravo, Geoff!

Thanks! I hope to start posting portfolio updates ASAP.


The site is great. Clean, crisp, cool. When you use color, it pops and I like that. Nice work!

But I have to comment about the picture of yourself. No offense, but you look really young—like too young. Do you have any other photos?

Forever blunt,


I'm working on that. Gimme a week or two.

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