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Exhausted but happy.

So last night I went out with my friend Laurie, and after driving around town for a while just talking, we wound up going to see The Core at the Wooster Movies 10. It was actually a better movie than I expected, but that may have had more to do with the way we saw it instead of the movie itself. To properly amplify the fun quotient of any movie, go see a flick that was panned but has still been around for a couple of weeks, and then go see the 10 o'clock showing on a Tuesday night. You'll be yawning the next day, but you will most likely also be the only people in the theater, so you can sit on the floor in the middle aisle and heckle the movie the whole way through. It was great.

Sometimes life is easier, simpler and better in Ohio.


Amen, brother. Good to see a little self-MST3K was theraputic for you...

Ah, Ohio. It's been almost a year since I've been there.... I am so glad that you are having a good time! It must be nice to be with your family. Please tell your folks I say hi!

Just another reason why I miss the Midwest. My friend Chrissy and I once spent an entire movie throwing popcorn at the screen. It was a bad movie.

I'm sure the theater staff wanted to kill us when they went to clean up ("weren't there only two people in here?") but it was fabulous.

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