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Channeling Josh Davis.

So I'm back in Ohio, remaking a website I built five years ago. It's mildly horrifying opening up pages built in GoLive CyberStudio 3 -- it's all table-based, utterly unexpandable stuff. It's vindicating too, though, being able to fix all these things using CSS and, in so doing, both make the site accessible and improve its load time a thousandfold.

However, as I'm doing this there's also this weird feeling that I'm dismantling something that was done in my own style and putting something up in its place that is somehow oddly reminiscent of Josh Davis. Not his angled funky Flash work, but his simple, elegant Arial-based designs. This is not a bad thing – the resulting site is a much better fit for an "electronics for industry" company – but it is a little weird. I guess my 20-year-old self had a decidedly different sensibility than my quarter-century self.

That, and he didn't know jack about hand-coding HTML. Jeezus.

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