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On journals.

I'm not sure why, but I'm having difficulty importing my old entries from Blogger. Maybe the Movable Type importing system wasn't designed to import three years' worth of old entries, which total somewhere around 750+ K. That's a lot of journal.

MoleskineOn the physical side of journal keeping, yesterday I closed out another one of my little black books. I have a stash of these things, these little unlined notebooks that I always carry in the inside breast pocket of my jacket. They're great for sketching, note taking, writing, whatever. This time, though, since it's beginning to be springtime and my trusty giant overcoat is going to have to get retired to the closet, I think I'm going to trade in my usual model for a Moleskine. I've seen these around and always coveted one, and yesterday I realized that I had finished off the small stack of blank Watson-Guptills that I had stowed away last year. Well, that and I'm a paper snob, and their marketing stories about Moleskines being carried around by Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway just gives me that little cultural buzz. Yeah, I'm a lit geek. Sue me.


Little geek? I think I smell smoke because your pants are on fire, liar.

Own up to your geekness—all of it :-)

That's a lot of geek to own up to.

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