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Off to Yale with The New Wave Fabulists.

Yesterday I headed down to Barnes and Noble in search of the recently-released Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists. If you haven't heard of this yet, whoo boy – let me tell you, people like myself who enjoy good, quality sci-fi/horror/fantasy ("fabulist" literature, apparently) should be beside themselves with joy when they see the contributors' list. Edited by Peter Straub, it includes new short stories from Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Carroll, James Morrow and China Mieville, among others. So far I've only read the stories by these folks – the ones I was already familiar with – but I'm looking forward to exploring some of the strangers this weekend. I'm heading up to Yale to go see a Henry Rollins concert with Aaron, one of my best friends from college. Expect an On the Road from this one, as it's just dumped about six inches of snow on the East Coast, which means that if Yale's architecture is anywhere near as beautiful as I remember, it's only going to be amplified by this frosting. See you next week!

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